Reiki is an ancient system of hands-on energy healing designed to uplift the spirit and restore mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment. 

Intuitive Oracle/Tarot reading

An intuitive Oracle/tarot card reading is designed to help you transform the area of your life that is troubling you. Whether it’s love, money, relationships or career, my intuitive guidance can get you back on track.


Reflexology is a gentle massage of the feet or hands targeting specific reflex points that correspond to various organs of the body, aiming to rebalance your body and restore harmony.

Healing M.O.T.

The Healing M.O.T. is THR’s signature treatment that combines Reflexology followed by Reiki and an intuitive Tarot reading. 

Healing booster

The Healing booster is one of The Healing Room’s most popular treatments. It consists of Reflexology followed by a Reiki treatment.

Healing Insight

The Healing insight is a treatment designed to combine healing with guidance and consists of a Reiki followed by an intuitive Tarot reading.

Healing meditation

The Healing meditation is a unique treatment that combines meditation and Reiki to provide an exceptional relaxation experience.

Healing Combo

If you’re not sure what treatment you would like I can use my intuition to help you decide. Simply book out a time and we can decide when you arrive.