“l went to Helen on a recommendation from a friend. l went with an open mind, but what a lovely lady and the treatments were absolutely fab. l had an M.O.T. first. Helen makes you feel so relaxed with those lovely warm towels and smells in the treatment room. l would say to anyone go and try a few treatments.”

“I was feeling a bit lost and in need of guidance when I booked in with Helen at THR for a Tarot reading and I came out feeling as though a huge weight had been lifted. It’s so worth the time and money spent to get that peace of mind. I thoroughly recommend it.”

“I have Reiki with Helen at The Healing Room on a regular basis and it always leaves me calm relaxed and ready for anything. You walk in and literally float out. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone who needs re-energising, some stress relief or just to experience pure relaxation.”
Liz D

“I had a Tarot reading with Helen at The Healing Room and it was the best decision I ever made. I was so confused, upset and really not knowing what to do beforehand, but she’s so kind and welcoming and was able to help me see the way forward. I’m so glad I went and her reading was absolutely spot on.”

“I visited The Healing Room for the meditation / healing combo – it was awesome!  Helen suggested the ‘grounding meditation’ option for me and I spent the next 30 mins in a forest surrounded by nature! Fabulous! Then thirty mins of healing which felt much deeper than ever before.  I thoroughly recommend it.”
Liz B

“The Healing Meditation is a fantastic treatment! Doing the meditation before having the healing made such a difference, I was soooo relaxed and left THR  feeling completely chilled and revived, I would totally recommend it to everyone.”

“Just had reflexology at The Healing Room and immediately booked in for another… very chilled, soothing and most of all an hour of pure relaxation. Thanks! x”