Do you want to try something a little different?
Are conventional alternative health treatments not really working for you?
Do you want to feel deeply, deeply relaxed and inspired?
If so, this is the treatment for you:

Reiki and Spiritual healing are similar treatments, they are simply different techniques for accessing healing energy. In Spiritual healing I work with spirit to bring through healing energy and you don’t need to believe in anything spiritual in order to receive it, you just need to be open to receiving. A spiritual healer is someone who works as a channel for the flow of healing energy – the energy does not come from the healer, but through them ‘from spirit, through spirit, to spirit’.

What is it like?
With this treatment there is no manipulation as it is non-invasive treatment. You lie fully clothed on the massage bed, wrapped in a warm blanket, and I begin by laying my hands on your head or feet and allow the healing to channel through me to you.

A full consultation is taken beforehand so allow an extra 10-15 minutes for your first treatment, and after every treatment you receive personally tailored psychic advice that I have gained through the treatment to help you continue to feel better.

Spiritual healing treatment: £25 (30 mins) £35 (60 mins) £50 (90 mins)

“I come to The Healing Room a stressed out, working mother of two and I come out a chilled and happy working mother of two. I don’t know what Helen does that is so special but it’s like magic; it’s like she switches my DNA into CALM mode. I go every week if I can, her healing treatments have made me a better, calmer person, and consequently a better, calmer wife and mother!”