As I pull the card for us I am not surprised to see that our guidance for this week comes from ‘Autumn’, as we are now well and truly within this season! The message it brings for us is: ‘Release the Old and Rest’.

This Oracle card welcomes us to the time of Autumn; the clocks going back, the cold coming in, the shorter and darker days. It is a time of shedding. We only have to look at the natural world to see that it is a time of letting go and resting ~ whether it’s the trees giving us their gorgeous displays of bright, sunset-coloured leaves before they drop to the earth, or the animals that hunker down with their food stores and hibernate for the winter (I’m sooooo coming back as a bear in the next life!).

In many traditions, Autumn is a very important time for release ~ last week (31st October/1st November) was ‘Sahmain’ ~ a Celtic festival that marks the end of harvest time as well as the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the next one (the equivalent of New Year’s Eve), and is also a time to honour those who have passed. If we look to Shamanic traditions, the Raven (pictured on the card) symbolises the death of something in order to make room for the birth of something else.

These traditions also speak to us of our own lives, where it is just as important to shed the old to allow space for the new. Sometimes this really this isn’t easy; we may have lost a job this year, a relationship, or a loved one to spirit, and the process of letting go can be frickin’ hard if not excruciating. But let go we must, otherwise we remain stuck in our past and our grief, unable to move forward. Gently, and with reassurance, the card reminds us that we need to go within and truly acknowledge and honour that which is no longer and find peace there, because being at peace with what is, is what ultimately relieves the suffering and helps us move forward; little step by little step.

So this week, allow this card to help you release your past. Take some time out, when the house is quiet and everyone’s in bed, light a candle, and sit quietly wrapped in a blanket with a hot cuppa. Get as cosy as you can in the darkness. Silently honour the endings that you have experienced during the year. Feel the pain that may arise, and simply allow it without judgement, knowing that all endings make way for the new, and that exciting new adventures may well be on their way to you. Honour your grief and make peace with what has occurred. Take as long as you need. Then, blow out the candle, take some slow, calming breaths, and set the intention to begin the Celtic New Year with deep blessings and gratitude for what is to come.

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