Our guidance for this week comes from the ‘Star Ancestor’ and the message is to ‘Follow the voice of your soul’.

This is a message that has been coming through to me ALL week so it’s is no surprise at all to see it in a reading for the collective. It’s not an easy message to hear (gulp) and can quite often trigger people but as is the way, the deepest truths often do. So take a deep breath and read on!

For this week the card’s meaning is all about being true to ourselves. We all have our own GPS system, our own navigation system to get us through this bad camping trip called L.I.F.E and it’s called our soul. Trouble is, we’re not really taught to use it or listen to it, but our soul speaks to us aaaallllll the time in thoughts, impulses or urges to do something; feelings; or just deep ‘knowing’ about something, and all we have to do is be quiet in the moment and listen.

So far so good! Just follow our soul’s guidance and job’s a good’un!

Yes absolutely, BUT, what about when following this guidance means going against others? When it means we need to go against the grain, be the odd one out, risk what we have and know? Yikes! Not so easy then. This is when it rrreeaaalllyyyy pushes our buttons because we want to stay cosy in our comfort zones and stick with the status quo and definitely not upset anyone or be faced with conflict. How many times have we said: “Yes, I’ll do/be that, no problem”, when inside we are saying “Noooooo, this isn’t what I want, it’s making me so miserable. I want out!”

A huge conflict then arises between what our soul is guiding us to do, and what we are actually doing instead because we’re afraid to rock the boat. The brutal truth is, it makes us liars. (I’m sorry, I’m A WHAT?!). Not easy to hear is it! We don’t set out to be of course, but that’s what we end up doing because we lie to others to keep them happy, and we lie to ourselves by ignoring what we know deep down is our authentic truth. And the conflict has to come out in some way, whether it’s through addictions, break downs, deep anger or lashing out. And that’s just for starters.

So the card today reminds us that if we allow and give space for our soul to guide us it simply can’t take us to the wrong place. Our soul will never lie to us and always knows what’s best, for us and everyone else. Its job is to guide us to being our authentic self because when we are our authentic selves we blossom. We become lighter and filled with such positive energy that we then become a beacon for others, encouraging growth in them and helping them to fly and be courageous too. Once the storm has passed everyone benefits from our being authentic.

The Star Ancestor asks us to take a moment today to be still and quiet, and listen to that ‘voice within’; that loving voice that will tell you in every moment what is best for you. So have a listen and if you feel guided to, share with us the message you get!

I hope you found this reading helpful! Feel free to like and share so that more peeps can get the reading and let me know how you get on!  🙂

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The Oracle deck used for the reading is ‘Angels and Ancestors’ by Kyle Gray.