Our guidance for this week comes from the ‘Oracle’. A beautiful Divine Goddess who is standing with her eyes closed in meditation so that she can access her inner self for guidance.

The message she has for us for this week is to do the same ~ to become more aware of our inner knowing. Our intuition. To go within and connect deeply to the part of us that is eternal and knows everything but that we often forget aaaaaaaaalllllll about.

When we’re stuck and don’t know what to do, we often rely on those around us to give us the answer we’re looking for, but the message of today’s card is to remember to connect with ourselves instead. To access our inner compass to get the answers we need. Of course we need external guides and teachers to help us on this bumpy journey we call life, but she is reminding us about the tremendous power of this inner compass to take us in the right direction. WE are the ones that know ourselves the best, and our inner self has all the knowledge we could ever want or need.

We’re not taught how to go within, at least I don’t remember a lesson at school between Maths and French that was all about intuition and how to connect to myself for guidance! But if you think about it, we do it all the time without realising. How many times have you said: ‘I just had a hunch …’, ‘I’ve got a funny feeling about this …’, ‘My gut is telling me to…’. These are all instances of our intuition talking to us, even if we don’t realise it at the time. So the key is to really focus in on this ability we have and use it in a conscious way. Think of going to the gym, we all have muscles that we use all the time without thinking about it, but look what happens when we really focus on them, wahey, six-pack here we come!

Here is a great exercise to help you connect more with your intuition for guidance. You need to start with simple questions as this will mean you will be relaxed about the outcome. If you begin straight away with major life-changing decisions the pressure will be too much and you’ll tie yourself up in knots. So start small, and as you build your confidence in this inner voice, use it for the big stuff. The stuff we really want the answers to, because having worked with the small stuff, you’ll find you’ll be much more able to listen.

So, for this week, ask your intuition a question every day. Something really basic like: “What food does my body need today?” Or, “Which is the best route for me to take to work today?’’ Or “What small action can I take today to move forward?” Simplicity is your friend here. Once you have asked the question, allow yourself to be quiet for a few moments. Then, instead of ‘thinking’ what the answer is, take your attention to your abdomen and ‘feeeeeel’ what the answer is. Your intuition speaks to you through the feelings that come through your body and something will just feel right or wrong. Then, you may get an impulse to do something, see an image in your mind, or have a sense of just ‘knowing’ ~ let what ‘feels right’ be your guide to what you need to do. Keep notes in a journal to track your progress and you will be amazed by the results.

The awesome thing is, just like going to the gym, the more you work with your intuition, the stronger it gets, and then you’ll wonder how the blazes you ever lived without it!

I hope you enjoyed your reading this week and found it helpful. Feel free to like and share so that more peeps can get the reading and let me know how you get on! 

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