It’s not a surprise that we have got an oracle card aligned with ‘Air’ this week as we have just entered into the sign of Libra which is an ‘Air’ sign (also the BEST SIGN EVA!!) 😂😂😂

‘Air’ energy is very much to do with the mind, and the message of the Air Guardian is to ‘Shift Your Perception’, which basically means stop-thinking-about-something-the-way-youre-thinking-about-it-and-think-about-it-in-a-different-way:

There are always things in our lives that we’re gonna get mardy about ~ whether it’s family around us being idiots, the endless crawl of traffic in the morning, or yet another bill landing on our doormat when we could swear blind we paid the last one five minutes ago. Or it could be something within us, such as the memory of a time we were hurt that is still rearing its ugly head.

These are all things that can get us properly down in the dumps if we let them, but this card reminds us that we have a lot more power than that over how we feel and that actually, we can change these feelings in a nanosecond by changing our perspective:

Annoyed with your bro/sis/mum/dad? ~ Think how wonderful it is to be surrounded by family and not be on your todd
Annoyed with the daily commute? ~ Feel how cosy it is to be in the comfort of your own warm car in the mornings and not at a freezing cold bus stop
Tired of paying bills? ~ Consider how fortunate you are to have a roof over your head and heating and water to keep you well
Upset at old hurts? ~ Reflect on what a wonderful lesson it was so that you don’t make the same mistake again

It really is that simple. Give it a go! What situation can you change your perspective on this week to bring you more happiness and peace of mind?

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