Our guidance for this week comes from the Heart Guardian. A beautiful angel whose principal message is to remind us that love is the antidote to everything.

I feel the Heart Guardian has a really important message for us for this week. She is asking us not just to love ourselves, but to go further, and delve deeply into our shadow self and love everything. To acknowledge the parts of us we don’t like and learn to love them too. To love ourselves despite the mistakes we’ve made: EPIC mistakes that keep us up at night tossing and turning. Can we love ourselves then, she asks us?

Can we love ourselves knowing we’ve hurt someone, really hurt them, or when we’ve made such a mess of things we can’t see a way out? Can we love ourselves in THAT moment? That gut-wrenching, bone crushing, awful moment? Not easy is it. But the Heart Guardian is here to tell us that yes we can; and in fact, it is precisely at these times that we need to love ourselves the most, love ourselves deeply and fiercely, because it is only love that will get us through.

She tells us that we are all Divine beings and we are all loved. That life is a rollercoaster; with all its good, bad, and ugly twists and turns. It isn’t always going to work out how we think, we are going to f*** things up, and if we’re expecting a life with no mistakes, oopsie, we got off on the wrong planet! But love sees through all of this, love guides us through it, and ultimately, there is always a bigger picture that we can’t see and maybe what looks like disaster is actually salvation. Trusting in her love and Divine guidance will get us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

This card reminds us that we ARE love and that we DESERVE love no matter what. We don’t ‘win’ love because we’re good and behave well, we are all worthy of love simply by virtue of existing, “Love yourself,” she tells us, “be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.”

So, here’s a great technique to work with the Heart Guardian this week. Try it, it really does work and you will feel amazing:

First of all, call in the Heart Guardian to be by your side and help you. Then, identify something where you’re feeling really bad about yourself, where you don’t feel you deserve to be loved. Then, think of someone you really love. It could be your Granny, your first love, your child, or your four-legged fur buddy. Hold the picture of them fully in your mind for five minutes. Live it and breathe it. Fully feel into the love that you feel for them. Allow yourself to feel the love so deeply that it makes your whole body tingle. Then, take that love that you feel for the other person and turn it around and give it to yourself. Let it completely wash over you. Let all the high vibration of love run through you and repeat ‘I too am deeply loved’. Stay there for as long as you can to really absorb it. You deserve love just as much as they do.

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The Oracle deck used for the reading is ‘Angels and Ancestors’ by Kyle Gray.