Do you have a particular issue or question you’re struggling with?

Does it feel as if you’re getting nowhere in trying to find the answer?

Are you feeling like you just need someone to help you see the wood for the trees?

Oracle card readings are a fantastic tool for really getting to the heart of any question quickly. I have been using Oracle cards for 20+ years to help people see their way through the problem they are facing and relieve the stress of not knowing which way to go or which way to turn.

If this is you, book in now for your reading and gain the clarity you are looking for.

Mini Oracle card readings

Mini one-to-one Oracle card readings can really help when you’re stuck on a particular issue and want some guidance to find your way out. We pick three cards only and take a good look at what is going on and which is the best way forward to move through it.

They are a great way to tackle specific worries or concerns.

Appointments are available Tuesday and Wednesday by phone or Skype.


One-to-one Mini reading: £20 for 20 minute reading.*

(Longer readings available on request)

*Please note, payment must be made at time of booking to secure your slot.*


“I couldn’t believe how accurate Helen’s insight was in to what was really going on. It gave me such clarity and I felt so relieved to have received some guidance.”