Healing M.O.T.: £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

“I was so excited to try the Healing M.O.T.. The healing and the reflexology were so relaxing and the soothing music and the comfortable treatment room added to the experience. The Tarot reading was spot on and really insightful. I would recommend these treatments and will be returning as soon as possible.”

Do you know you want something to help you feel better but don’t know what?
Do you want to feel rejuvenated, re-inspired and more positive?
Do you want to try a few different treatments to see what they’re like?
If so, the Healing M.O.T. is just what you need.

The Healing M.O.T. is The Healing Room’s signature and most popular treatment. It consists of Reiki, followed by Reflexology then a Tarot reading, and is specifically designed for when you are feeling a bit stuck and low – and know you’re in need of something but don’t really know what.

The two healing treatments help you to fully relax and gain a sense of wellbeing and the Tarot reading helps you to tackle any questions or worries that you may have on any aspect of your life – love, relationships, work, money, and home.

This treatment is also a chance to experience three of the healing therapies on offer at THR, particularly if you’ve never tried them.