Have you tried meditation but feel you aren’t getting anywhere?
Does your mind feel like it’s in overdrive all the time?
Do you want help finding a way to relax and be calmer?
The Healing meditation could be just what you need.

The Healing meditation* is a unique treatment from THR that combines meditation and healing to provide an exceptional relaxation experience. It is specifically designed for those that would like to try meditation, or learn a bit more about it, but don’t really know where to start.

After an initial consultation, I guide you through a 30-minute guided meditation using one of my own channelled Healing Forest meditations. You can choose between grounding/ opening the heart/peace meditation (I can use my psychic abilities to see which option is best for you if you are not sure what you would like). I will then guide you back into the room for you to then receive 30 minutes of Reiki or Spiritual Healing.

*You can also choose to have a full meditation experience, without the healing option.

Reiki/Spiritual healing + guided meditation £40 (60 mins) £55 (90 mins) £70 (120 mins)

“I visited The Healing Room for the meditation/healing combo – it was awesome! Helen suggested the “grounding meditation” option for me and I spent the next 30 mins in a forest surrounded by nature. Fabulous! Then thirty mins of healing of which felt much deeper than ever before.  I thoroughly recommend this treatment, you will feel amazing afterwards.