Healing Meditation: £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

“I visited The Healing Room for the meditation/healing combo – it was awesome! Helen suggested the “grounding meditation” option for me and I spent the next 30 mins in a forest surrounded by nature. Fabulous! Then thirty mins of healing of which felt much deeper than ever before.  I thoroughly recommend this treatment, you will feel amazing afterwards.

Have you tried meditation but feel you aren’t getting anywhere?
Does your mind feel like it’s in overdrive all the time?
Do you want help finding a way to relax and be calmer?
The Healing meditation could be just what you need.

The Healing meditation* is a unique treatment from THR that combines meditation and Reiki to provide an exceptional relaxation experience. It is specifically designed for those that would like to try meditation, or learn a bit more about it, but don’t really know where to start.

After an initial consultation, I guide you through a guided meditation using one of my own channelled Healing Forest meditations. You can choose between grounding/opening the heart/peace meditation (I can use my intuitive abilities to see which option is best for you if you are not sure what you would like). I will then guide you back into the room for you to then receive Reiki.

*You can also choose to have a full meditation experience, without the healing option.