Healing Insight.: £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

“Helen truly has healing hands … my experience every time is fabulously uplifting and I always come out feeling so much clearer and much more positive”

Do you feel stuck?
Do you need to make a decision but can’t see the wood for the trees?
Do you need some time out to just relax and receive guidance?
The Healing Insight can provide all these things.

The Healing insight is an intuitive treatment designed to help you when you are feeling stuck and just don’t know where you are meant to be, or where to go next, or are feeling low and in need of some TLC.

The treatment begins with you receiving Reiki in order to balance your energy body and bring about a sense of peace and wellbeing. Once you are fully relaxed, you then receive a Tarot reading where we can look at exactly where you are and see which is the best way forward for you. As both treatments are intuitively guided, you receive specific guidance on exactly what you need.