Healing Combo: £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

“I really didn’t know what I needed. I just knew that I needed something! So with Helen’s guidance we did a combination treatment and I just floated out. I felt so much better, I’m so happy that I trusted in her intuition to guide me. I will be returning!”

Are you feeling out of sorts?
Do you know you need something but not sure what?
Would you like to receive some intuitive guidance?
The Healing Combo can be the answer.

If you are not sure what it is exactly that you need or are looking for don’t worry. You can simply book out a time at The Healing Room and decide on a treatment programme when you get here. As we chat we can use my intuitive guidance to point you in the right direction and choose the right treatment for you.