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A place where I share all that I have learned over the many years working as an intuitive therapist. We’re all so similar in so many ways, with the same fears and hopes, worries and dreams. Things in our lives can go a bit Pete Tong now and again but with a little guidance and a tweak here and there we can get back on track. My dearest wish is that you find a bit of help here to see you on your way.

So grab a Tetley’s and put your feet up for a few mins and have a read. Let me know what you think and do share the post if you think it helps someone else.

Love Helen xx

I’m Loving What You Hate

“Sometimes you look in the mirror And point to every flaw on your face You say you need so many things to change Need that beach body, that perfect shape But as you walk away I’m loving those things that you hate” ~Joan Armatrading, Loving What You Hate   I LOVE this [...]

Good bean, Bad bean

I was idly browsing t’internet the other day, as you do, when I came across a fascinating video about a school experiment that involved talking to plants. {Stick with me, you’ll enjoy this, honest.} What happened was IKEA (yes, IKEA) set up a competition in a school in Dubai to see [...]

You Can’t Meditate, YET!

I hear this a lot at THR: ‘AAAaaarrrrggghhhhh, I want to meditate but I can’t! Can’t do it. Nope, not me Can’t Can’t Can’t!’ and my response is always the same: ‘You can’t meditate, YET!’ Thinking you can’t meditate usually stems [...]

Dip Your Toe in the Forest

A while ago I came across something called ‘forest bathing’. Forest wwwhhhaaaattttt? Forest bathing. Yup, taking a bath in a forest. Not literally, I hasten to add, though it wouldn’t be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, to be fair. But I digress. Read on and [...]

Oopsie Daisie

So this month I forgot to send the newsletter out to my subscribers out, that I’ve been doing for, oh I don’t know, every month in the last five years! But this month I just plain and simple forgot. Totally went out of my head. Not a word was written. Granted, it was the end […]

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