The Awakening course is a gathering. A place where you can connect with your soul tribe to explore your full potential, and dive deeply into who you truly are.

The Awakening course is a three-part series of courses designed to help you see how much more you are than just a flesh and blood human being. The courses teach you how to access your spiritual wisdom and how to access the infinite power you have within ~ your deeper self.

The three part course is completed throughout the year. Ideally you begin with part one and continue through; however, exceptions can be made for those who feel they already know the basics. If you have missed part one, do contact me to discuss whether you would be able to join parts two and three. Individual teaching sessions are also available.

Click on the links for more information and booking details for each course.

Part One ~ Journey into Awakening

Part Two ~Journey into your Deeper Self

Part Three ~ Journey into Becoming