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Take an alternative route to wellbeing

The Healing Room is a peaceful and restorative holistic therapy treatment room located in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

A number of healing treatments are available including Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual healing, Meditation, and Tarot readings.

Sometimes we need a place where we can spend some time in a peaceful environment and receive healing, whether it be emotional, mental or physical or just through being able to discuss problems and gain a different perspective on our difficulties.


Let thy Self Be in Bliss


Reiki is an ancient system of hands-on energy healing designed to uplift the spirit and restore mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment. 

Healing M.O.T.

The Healing M.O.T. is THR’s signature treatment that combines Reiki or Spiritual healing, followed by Reflexology and a Tarot reading.

Tarot readings

Tarot readings are designed to provide you with guidance on any  aspect of your life that you may be struggling with, whether it be love, money, relationships or work, in order to help you move forward.

Healing booster

The Healing booster is one of The Healing Room’s most popular treatments. It consists of Reiki or Spiritual healing followed by a Reflexology treatment.


Reflexology is a gentle massage of the feet or hands targeting specific reflex points that correspond to various organs of the body, aiming to rebalance your body and restore harmony. 

Healing insight

The Healing insight is a treatment designed to combine healing with guidance and consists of a Reiki or Spiritual healing session followed by a Tarot reading.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is a form of energy healing where the practitioner specifically attunes to their spiritual guides in order to bring through healing to the patient: from spirit, through spirit, to spirit. 

Healing meditation

The Healing meditation is a unique treatment that combines meditation and healing to provide an exceptional relaxation experience.


A centre of learning

Reiki Master level

Date:  Saturday, 14th April, 2018
Timing: 10am to 5pm
Location: The Healing Room, 27 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8AE
Cost: £150

Reiki Level 1 

Date:  Friday, 27th April, 2018
Timing: 10am to 5pm
Location: The Healing Room, 27 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8AE
Cost: £120

Reiki Level 2

Date:  Saturday, 9th June, 2018
Timing: 10am to 5pm
Location: The Healing Room, 27 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8AE
Cost: £120


Learning and sharing


Over to you

“Helen is an extremely knowledgeable Tutor. I learned so much about Reiki and its misconceptions and felt comfortable to discuss my experiences throughout the day owing to the welcoming and inclusive learning environment Helen creates. I would highly recommend Helen if you’re looking to train in Reiki.”

“I have been to the Healing Room many times and I love Helen’s amazing hands. She is a great healer and the environment in incredibly relaxing. I have also done The Reiki course which was brilliant! Highly recommend the experience.”

“The feeling that you go in stressed, tense, troubled or confused and come out completely unravelled! The perfect place to find yourself!

“If you need intense relaxation and time out with an added spiritual something, visit the Healing Room. Helen is amazing.

“I have been going to the healing room for many years. Helen is an excellent tutor, healer and her readings have provided plenty of insights and guidance for the future! I highly recommend the healing room.